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President’s Message

National Bible College offers cost-effective Christian education. Use this website to purchase academic courses, biblical seminars, and books online. Purchase of academic courses, biblical seminars, and books online does not require enrollment in National Bible College.

National Bible College offers Christian educational classes in churches and in various other locations.  In the event you seek academic credit and a degree program, National Bible College tuition is deeply discounted up to 80% less tuition than comparable Christian education from conventional institutions.

Huge savings are realized because students are not forced to transfer to another location to receive a college degree. You can remain right in your local church and receive your degree from National Bible College by attending a branch campus within your local church.

Don’t uproot your family or relocate to a strange city location. Stay in your own local community and continue to serve your own local church as you work your way through a college degree program as good or better than you would receive from any of those “conventional” institutions.

C. Norman Sellers, Th.D.

National Bible College was established for the purpose of offering a conservative and academic biblical and theological education to believers in local churches across the United States.
The goals of National Bible College are:

    • Offer quality Bible education at cost-cutting discounts
    • Offer quality Bible education to local churches through a Branch Campus network
    • Utilize Branch Campus courses so students remain in their local communities while training
    • To enlist faculty from church leadership to facilitate local training process
    • To assist church leadership by providing syllabi, class notes, and exams
    • To utilize other educational institutions to provide liberal arts coureses
    • To encourage students to use their training toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission
    • To prepare students for religious vocations
National Bible College is authorized by the Commission For Independent Education of the Florida Department of Education to grant Bible Certificates, Bible Diplomas, Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Arts, and Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Science.

In addition, the Association of Christian Schools International accepts National Bible College credits toward a teacher’s certification or renewal.

Tuition fees charged by National Bible College:

      • Credit: $60.00 per semester hour
      • Audit: $30.00 per semester hour
      • Texts & Materials: Cost varies with each course


C. Norman Sellers recently completed his 12th year as president. His tenure exemplifies the remarkable stability that has characterized the leadership of National Bible College.

Board of Trustees:

  • C. Norman Sellers, Th.D. President
  • William K. Lyons, Treasurer
  • Mellony M. Sellers, Education Development
  • Suzzan G. Volk, Registrar

Branch Campus

Branch Campus Solutions

The definition of “branch campus” has evolved to meet the needs of modern communities. An Evangelical Church which adopts National Bible College’s published Doctrinal Statement may qualify to become a branch campus. To learn more about qualifying as a branch campus please contact National Bible College today.

Qualifying a new branch campus does not require a traditional campus or traditional church structure. The branch campus faculty are responsible for the decision where to offer courses. A substantial share of branch campus tuition is returned to the branch campus in the form of contractual revenue paid for branch campus services.

To serve as a member of branch faculty a seminary degree is encouraged. However, a person who has earned a degree from an accredited college plus ministry experience is generally qualified to teach courses for a National Bible College branch campus. National Bible College provides the course syllabus, lecture and study notes, resource materials, and course exams. From location to location, branch campus faculty offer identical course material. Courses vary only by individual style provided by each individual course instructor.

There are advantages of becoming a branch campus in order to provide course instructors huge satisfaction teaching courses and teaching students biblical content important to the instructor. Another advantage is the compensation package paid to branch campus instructors, constituting a large percentage of the total revenue paid to the branch campus.

The main office of National Bible College offers a great deal of administrative services to assist each branch campus. The Main Office coordinates all courses, retains and maintains all student records, issues all student grades and college course credits, and the Main Office generally handles the bulk of administrative tasks. National Bible College establishes standards by issuing lecture notes, providing teacher prep material (including audio tapes), providing study questions for students, and issuing exams and exam answer keys.

National Bible College structures each course and provides the syllabus to guide and maintain that course structure.  Generally speaking, National Bible College Main Office does not intrude into a branch campus classroom and focuses on providing support materials.


Bible College Testimonials

I purchased the Romans course and saved money without having to register and very pleased indeed.
Pastor Cody W., Student Testimonial
I purchased two seminars and found each very easy to understand. I recommend National Bible College.
Greg P., Student Testimonial
I went through the courses and became a member of faculty for a branch campus in my own local church.
Edmund D., Faculty Testimonial