At A Glance

You know God has called you to utilize your life to achieve excellence. You may already know your calling? You realize that choosing the right Bible College is crucial to build a strong foundation upon which to launch your calling upon graduation.

Positive Impact

Since 1993, National Bible College has prepared students to positively impact our world. C. Norman Sellers, Th.D. has assisted students from around the world serve the Lord by sharing truth of God’s word.

Reach To Achieve God’s Calling

At National Bible College or any of its branch campuses, students are pointed toward the fulfillment of God’s will for their lives. Whether you plan to enter a full-time ministry after graduation, serve the Lord in the workplace, or go on to complete your graduate studies in a seminary, National Bible College offers the course preparation and course guidance you need.

National Bible College offers traditional courses of a high academic standard. However, all courses are presented and taught in a non-traditional manner. You can use your National Bible College education to achieve the same goals as you would from any traditional bible college. National Bible College applies the “distance learning” concepts in a way which actually works.

National Bible College Advantages

The courses at National Bible College maintain the highest academic integrity and are college-level education. Courses by National Bible College are never watered down. These long-standing biblical courses have been developed and utilized by college students for over twenty-five years.

Tuition Credit Hours

Tuition per credit-hour is typically deeply-discounted so students pay only 15-20% of the total comparable education from a traditional Bible College. Also, there is no need to uproot yourself, your family, quit your job, or move to a distant city to pursue your Bible College courses. Classes are right there in your church or by extension from your own home.

Your Bible College can be as close as your local church or your own home. Typically, classes meet once each week. Classes are typically scheduled for evening and consist of three 50-minute classes. National Bible College brings the Bible College to the student.

Bible College Course