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Donating to National Bible College is easy. Your donation makes a substantial difference. Donations are crucial to achieve success at National Bible College. All donations to National Bible College are made to a 501c organization, therefore your donations are tax exempt. All donations to National Bible College are utilized responsibly to achieve quality education. Whether you are an alumnus of National Bible College, a friend, or a giving partner, your donation has material significance and crucial impact to achieve quality education. PayPal offers a safe and secure online transaction for donations. Paypal offers convenience so you can donate using major credit cards. To learn more about National Bible College, and to discuss your donation contact Dr. Sellers, Founder and President at National Bible College. Call 954.776.0203.

Three Easy Donation Methods

Send your donation by mail using a convenient contribution form. All mail sent to: National Bible College 4701 NW 11th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

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